Raph Thomas

Raph Thomas is a young artist based in South-West London. He studied for his Foundation Diploma in Art & Design in Kingston; then followed a brief foray into Ancient History, before Raph returned to painting. He became a full-time artist in 2014.

Working in mixed media and acrylics, Raph combines the rigour of life-like portrayals of the natural world, which he then overlays with fantastical layers of vibrant colour.

Raph’s subject matter is primarily of nature and exotic animals. His most recent series of work features rainbow animals and is inspired by his travels. Begun in 2016 Raph’s ‘Fantastic Beasts’ series of large multicoloured animals on mixed media or solid colour backgrounds, has been his most successful series to date. With originals sold to collectors in Asia, New Zealand, North America and Europe, a large collection of limited edition prints is now available for interested clients.