Famous Faces Pop- Art Prints
Kate Winskill paints and digitally enhances her portraits to create striking colourful prints of iconic stars of pop & rock music , movies and popular culture. Her pop-art inspired technicolour prints are available unframed to fit 40x50cm and 50x50cm ready made frames. Larger prints plus commissions of stars not shown here can be ordered by emailing info@1of1design.co.uk Available pop art portraits : Beatles, John Lennon , Paul McCartney, George Harrison ,Ringo Starr, Bob Dylan , David Bowie , Prince, Jimi Hendrix , Eric Clapton , Marc Bolan , Debbie Harry & Blondie, George Michael, Neil Diamond , Amy Winehouse. Famous Face pop art art portraits : Ali, Marilyn Monroe, Brigitte Bardot, Twiggy, Kate Moss, Clint Eastwood, Steve McQueen. Buying art in London & Surrey? Our art studios are in Kingston on Thames , so we can drop off work for you to view at your home in SW London or Surrey ! Need art quickly ? We deliver art free in Ealing , Kingston , Teddington, Hampton , Chiswick, Richmond & surrounding locations in 24 hours. Need Kate Winskill bespoke art personalised with vintage Scrabble lettering ? We can do that too - quickly !