Battersea Power Station 1978

Battersea Power Station Art - Kate Winskill created this series of Contemporary digital paintings from an original photograph of Battersea Power Station she took in 1978.

Then a London teenager with an obsession with photography, weekends were spent with an old SLR shooting City scenes. This image of the iconic Battersea Power Station structure fully functioning is important historically and artistically and forms part of the memories of many Londoners still living in the city. From small coloured images, Kate Winskill has recreated the building in vibrant colour with a pop-art feel in these Battersea Power Station Art. The original Battersea Green 1978 forms part of the Battersea Power Station Development Company public art collection. Prints are available unframed to fit 40x50cm and 50x50cm ready-made frames or larger prints to order by emailing