Abstract Bodies
Series of paintings by Kate Winskill on canvas & paper. The portrait artworks combine techniques of contour drip painting & delineation of negative space with strong primary colour choices . Influenced by mid century figurative painting and German expressionism, in these portraits , Kate seeks to use simplicity of line to create mood & character.

Many pieces feature “Abstract Figures “ intertwined and crowded together, illustrating a yearning for human contact in a time of isolation. The original artwork collection incorporates the subtle colours of natural landscapes, worked in thin watercolour as abstract backgrounds . These are then overlaid with thin, highly viscose oil and sometimes enamel paints, dripped and ‘drawn’ from above the paper. The oil paints dry in raised lines , often with a textured surface skin, to give an aged patina reminiscent of cave paintings .

If you want personal or bespoke Kate Winskill art , she can create pieces based on your preferred colour palette and dimensions . Em us at info@1of1design.co.uk to enquire.

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