Our carbon footprint


This starts with art work production . Both Kate Winskill and Raph Thomas reuse canvases wherever possible , using existing painted or printed surfaces to provide ground for new artwork . In collage Kate uses old newspapers and discarded artwork to create new pieces . For commissions, clients are given to option to choose new canvases or recycled .



Where possible , new original paintings are framed using repurposed or refurbished vintage frames. Our specialist framer recuts and repaints as required, and a stock of discarded glass is maintained for re-glazing .

Our prints can be supplied unframed for clients to choose their own designs, but new ready-made frames are available for those who prefer a uniform look.



When you receive artwork hand delivered by us, it will be wrapped for delivery using our padded bags which we take away and re-use.

If we post you artwork, apologies , you will notice the packaging  may not look pretty and pristine ! This is because we reuse cardboard, bubble wrap, and  polystyrene which we receive in deliveries to pack up our artwork . Where we run popup galleries, we work with other retailers to reuse discarded packaging from their deliveries to pack our artwork . All small steps but we think it helps keep our environmental impact low.