Pet commissions

Both Kingston on Thames based artists Raph Thomas and Kate Winskill undertake pet portrait art commissions. Though using non realistic techniques to portray the animal, both Raph and Kate strive to convey the character of the animal subject.

Kate produces colourful pop-art styled digital collage prints using original pet photography,  in colour palettes envisioned by the client .

Raph Thomas paints mixed media Rainbow Animal artworks from pet photographs supplied by the client. In addition to domestic animals, he can also paint from wildlife photographs taken on safari holidays as well as pet parrots and birds.

To enquire about pet commissions by Kate Winskill or Raph Thomas , email at with your requirements. Digital collages by Kate Winskill start at £150. Kate works from your photographs which need to be high resolution. She will provide a choice of 2-3 designs from which clients can make a final selection .
Raph Thomas Rainbow Pet paintings start at £500 for 50x50cm framed canvas .

Kate Winskill’s recent pet portrait commissions :

Chihuahua in Crystal Palace Colours – Kate Winskill Pet Portraits

Remi the  puppy –  Kate Winskill Pet Portraits

Enzo the NYC Greyhound – Kate Winskill Pet Portraits

Raph Thomas’ recent pet portrait commissions :

Teddy the Cat : Raph Thomas Pet Portraits

Josie the dog : Raph Thomas Pet Portraits