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‘Colour Bomb!’
At 1of1, 80 High St, Teddington TW118JD
Participants include:

'Colour Bomb' - Yulia Robinson

Yulia Robinson was born in Russia, Sakhalin Island, graduated from University of Westminster With BA (Hons) Mixed Media Fine Art. She Lives & works between South West London and South of France

Immersion in diverse cultures gained through extended periods living in the Far East of Russia, London, Cameroon, Amsterdam and the South of France have shaped her perception and thus artistic representation of the world ,with inspiration provided by exposure to local artists, culture and the natural world.  

Yulia’s art is not about the reproduction of the objects but rather their discovery within space and time, by incorporating vibrant contrasting colours, elements of movement, repetition. She encourages viewers to connect with her work in an intuitive and intimate way, witness the texture, enjoy the colours, and look for new forms created in light and shadow. 

Prices from £350-1400

'Colour Bomb' - Sarita Keeler

Born in Australia, Sarita has travelled extensively throughout her life, drawing on cultural and environmental diversity in a number of very different countries. She has been influenced in her use of colours in India, Mexico and Jamaica, whilst gaining an appreciation and confidence with space and the abstract in Australia and the States.

Her earlier work focused on abstract representation of basic shapes using brilliant colours and then progressed to creating mood and movement through the use of subtle colour changes and compositions, viewed from unusual angles as if looking through a lens. Most of her paintings, generally on large canvases using acrylics, are bold and striking but also subtle and complex enough to maintain an enduring attraction.

She studied advanced photography and art at Fine Art Tutors in Hampstead, and studied for a fashion illustration degree at Epsom College.

Her photographic studies helped develop her skills in the use of lighting and angles, especially with black and white images.

'Colour Bomb' - Wendy Heliwell

Wendy Heliwell, Edinburgh based artist. “I grew up in the 80’s surrounded by pop culture, advertising and the growing mass media (Smash Hits, The Face, I.D, MTV and Cosmopolitan.) The instant skin deep pleasure of consumerism engulfed me. Now as an artist I am in the same relationship, interrogating my motives by ripping and disassembling glossy magazines, packaging, tags, receipts and unnecessary purchases.”

As a self-confessed fashionista, Wendy Helliwell celebrates fashion, culture and colour with her contemporary mixed media artworks. Recycling, disassembling and reconstructing,  she strives to depict 21st century styles, behaviours and identities.

'Colour Bomb' - Richard Eastwood

Batley born Fine Art Painting graduate (Chelsea School of Art) from the mid ‘70s. Living and working in Kingston-upon-Thames.


“Essentially, as a painter, I am interested in the formal elements of picture making – line, colour,

texture, form, composition etc. and why these things affect and matter to me.

Most of what I have done these past years has been done at the ‘canvas face’ – apply paint,

contemplate, amend, contemplate, reduce, amend, add, embellish, contemplate and repeat over

again until I have orchestrated chance and intention towards what I deem to be a satisfactory


My paintings hover between representational and abstract and many things trigger the work –

Chaucer, bees, prime numbers, anagrams, words, phrase, ambiguities, equilibrium,…….

For the past seven years I have avoided making any representational marks but for now figurative

elements are beginning to interest me once again.”

'Colour Bomb' - Raph Thomas

Raph Thomas is a young artist and illustrator based in South-West London. He works in a variety of different media including spray-paint, charcoal and even tip-ex to create colourful, whimsical and often darkly humorous works.

Raph’s figurative works are often painted from photographs. His work is inspired by travels in the tropics and an interest in natural history; he employs bright colours and portrait-like compositions to capture the vivacity of nature. His distressed backgrounds show a distinct concern for the interplay of textures and colours. 

Downstairs - Paul Harries' Rock Photography

Paul Harries is a renowned British photographer of rock bands who play their music at volume. Over the course of more than two decades, if a group has emerged that are loud and proud of it chances are its members have stood in the frame of this man’s lens.

Armed with a valid passport, a working camera and a keen eye for detail, Paul Harries has amassed a portfolio that amounts to nothing less than a rock fan’s dream.

As a respected freelance music photographer, Paul has risen to occupy the position of leading lensman for Kerrang! magazine, the world’s best-selling music weekly. Paul has closed his shutter on such luminaries as Nirvana, Muse, Green Day, Metallica, AC/DC, Biffy Clyro, Ozzy Osbourne, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Blink 182 and Slipknot.

Kate Winskill - Poster Girls

1of1 founder and owner, Kate winskill has produced a new collection “Poster Girls” for this 1o1 show.  Kate trained in fine art, fashion & textile design at Kingston College and Kingston University.

Urban art & cultural photography are a major source of inspiration for Kate. She uses her own original photographs as well as found vintage images of people and places to develop unique artwork which seeks to capture the raw power of mass produced music posters from the 1970s .

Work includes original mixed media paintings of great faces including Twiggy, Amy Winehouse and Blondie , and digital pieces with mono-print . Prices from £150 framed

Stephen Doak

Stephen Doak Collages

Stephen Doak is a fine artist based in Teddington ,South West London. He trained at Central St Martin’s School of Art. His work includes vivid paintings of animals.

His most recent works which are showing at 1of1 are collages of London and SW London buildings and landmarks. Bold in scale and colour, framed originals start at £895 and prints from £60.