Our stock changes constantly, to enquire about availability of these pieces please use our contact page. Midcentury Modern German Vases: unappreciated until recent years, West German pottery from the 50s-70s represented an explosion of creativity and colour unmatched in the 20 Century. Now highly collectible, pots by Companies such as Scheurich, Dumler & Breiden, Roth, Ruscha and Bay Keramik were produced in their hundreds in a riot of design and form. This style of pottery is often referred to as ‘Fat Lava’ – because some of the potters favoured a very thick, sometimes crusty glaze that flowed down the vase like lava. These are much sought after by collectors. 1of1 has some fantastic pieces featuring both ‘fat lava’ glazes and smooth finishes. All are statement pieces which will enhance any home where colour is key. Pair with textured abstract art pieces to achieve a great modernist look. Most of these ceramics can be found in our shop in South West London's Teddington.

Prices from £29